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What is p2p-fs?

p2p-fs is read-only peer-to-peer file-system. What this means is that peers can perform all read-only actions on files that are exported by their peers to them. The peer-to-peer part means that all nodes in the system are equal, and none has a higher preference/authority than any other. That apart, there are some other features like redundancy, fault tolerance and load balancing that come as a part of being a peer-to-peer system.

Why is the typical use case of this file system?

p2p-fs was developed to be used in a LAN, where all systems are connected to each other, and users want to be able to share files with each other without having to copy them to their disks; thus saving a lot of disk space. We have successfully shared over 40GB of data in our LAN very comfortably. Suppose this 40GB was to be copied by each client, then even 10 clients would be wasting about 400GB of disk space. p2p-fs is also able to stream video and audio files comfortably.

What are the requirements of p2p-fs?

p2p-fs needs:
1. The GNU/linux Operating System.
2. The fuse file-system installed to run.
3. The scons build system.

Where do I download p2p-fs from?

Right here.
You can also get p2p-fs from CVS from the sourceforge page.